Saturday, July 30, 2011

Possum Kingdom

Not just the name of a Toadies song from the 90s.  It's an actual lake in Texas.  A lake that I have spent many summer days on.  It's beautiful, even with some wildfire damage. 


We went on vacation with some friends from grad school last week, and it was glorious!  I was kind of not wanting to go at first, only due to the fact that I had only spent about 14 nights in my new house since we moved in mid-June.  But I am so glad that I went and got to spend so much time with friends!



Andy napping

We had a great time, mostly just relaxing.  We went out on the boat and floated.  We stayed in during the hot afternoons, napped, read, and watched movies.  And we played games at night.

Chris with branch

Me & the Hubs

We ended the week with a trip "to town" to see Harry Potter 7, Part II (Is there a movie theater in Graham?).  It was very entertaining.  Plus, before the movie, we went and had Mexican food and accidentally celebrated Jon's birthday, again!

Jon's birthday gift

Monday, July 11, 2011

10 pounds

That's right; that's how much I have gained in the last two months.  It sucks.  My pants are getting tight, and I can visually tell that I have gained weight.  With moving, work stress, traveling, mission tripping, and vacation, I haven't done a very good job of just maintaining my normal eating habits and exercise routine.

Thankfully, our vacation in North Carolina (more to come on this later, including bowling scores) was very restful and very active.  We played a little golf, we bowled, we walked in the mountains, we went to the gym, and we played with our niece and nephew!  It was wonderful. 

One of the things that Jared and I realized, though, is that we do pretty well on vacation (when our vacation is longer than just a couple of days); but we haven't quite figured out our new routine since we have moved.  It's hard to do when you're never in town, of course.  But that's our biggest stressor at this point: no routine.  (We also still have some boxes in the house which is driving me nuts!)

I am a creature of habit, and I LOVE having a plan!  So, for the last couple of months (since we started packing to move), our routine has been way off.  We haven't been running consistently, we haven't been eating regular meals that are an appropriate portion size.  The folks at Jared's new church have been giving us tons of food, which is awesome, but it's TONS of food!  (They gave us a "pounding"- again, more on that later.)

And to top it all off, we are only in town for a week.  We are here this week, and we leave again on Sunday for a week.  Thankfully, though, next week we will be with friends at my parents' lake house.  Ergo, we will be cooking all our meals and there's a really challenging road that we can walk/jog.  Not to mention: sleep!  We will be able to sleep in!

So, my hopes/goals for this week is to get some things done at work, to try to find a routine that will work for us, and to unpack a box or two a day- that's really all I have time for. 

And then when we return from the lake house I will focus on finishing unpacking.  Goals, goals, goals!!!