Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back in Business

Long time no see!  But we are almost back in business for bowling.  We haven't been bowling in over 4 months!!!  It's insane to think that this is a true fact.  But allow me to give you a quick run down on the last 4 months...

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on April 4th.  We bowled shortly before this and I had terrible scores, but Jared rolled over 200 one game.  Ever since baby P has come into our lives, we've been incredibly busy.  I was on maternity leave for 8 weeks, then started back to work.  Thanks to my awesome boss, Fr. Mark, I was able to bring P with me so I could continue nursing her as long as possible. 

Just this week, P started "preschool" (also known as "daycare" when you're only 4 months old).  So, Jared and I have time again to go bowling without trying to work in a nap for P or nursing her between frames!  So keep your eyes peeled for some scores soon!

We'll probably make our way back to the lanes next week!