Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Weekend

Two posts in one day?  Who am I?  I am someone who was supposed to have an all day meeting with a few youth, but one of them forgot; so now I have lots of free time!

This weekend was really weird and insane.  Friday night was what we call the All Nighter!  It's a very fun event where I (and other chaperones) take a bunch of kids around town to do different stuff all night long.  I did this once as a youth, but it was called a "Lock Out."  You get the idea, though.  We started at a local roller skating rink in town.  Roller skating is way more fun than I remember.  I also think that roller derby chicks are awesome!  I kind of want to be one, except that it's a little too high risk for me: lots of hitting and stuff.

From roller skating, we went to Celebration Station.  We had unlimited go carts and mini golf for about an hour and a half.  From there, we went to the lanes!  It was "Galactic Bowling," which means a few things: loud, dark, impossible to concentrate on the game.  It was also very fun.  They have a DJ and lots of people dance during bowling- including several of my kids, which I conveniently got on our new Flip video.  :)  (Side note: Jared also threw out his arm, literally.  He injured his right bicep because he ended up speed bowling for about the last 30 minutes by himself on a lane.  He was also rolling a curve ball, which is not his normal technique.)

From bowling, we went to play laser tag.  Also, one of the most entertaining activities that exists, I think.  It's so much fun.  Laser Tag of Baton Rouge has a great room to play in, with lots of obstacles and very few places where you can be 100% hidden from other players.  It was tons of fun, and I believe I was recruited into the Delta Squadron (made up of the oldest boys who were there), a high honor.  And from laser tag, we went to see the new Pirates movie- during which, almost everyone fell asleep, except a small group of 6th graders and the chaperones.  After the movie, we went to eat breakfast at IHOP.  This is where parents met us to pick up their very lethargic and sleepy children.

The All Nighter is a great and fun event.  We are almost constantly moving and almost constantly active!  It's actually how I earned most of my activity points (on Weight Watchers) for the week.  But there's one small problem: just about every single place had either some food or some sugary drink available!  So, needless to say, I didn't eat very well on Friday night/Saturday morning. 

Which brings me to Monday- Memorial Day: packing day.  We are moving to a new house in just over 2 weeks.  We were no where near ready to do that.  On Monday morning, Jared's wonderful parents came over, with boxes and packing materials, and helped us get our mess together.  Marie and I packed up almost the entire kitchen- a task I was dreading and avoiding.  Jared and John packed up a bunch of stuff in the living room, garage, and front closet.  By the end of the day, we were all very tired and very happy to stop working.

Dinner came around- supposed to be burgers, again, with a roasted potato salad.  And then Jared says, "Who wants pizza?"  And I, with virtually no will power, say "You're in charge!"  So, we had the most delicious pizza, Johnny's Pizza, but it was pizza nonetheless.  Pizza twice in 4 days- once during the All Nighter. 

All that to say, we got up and jogged 4 miles this morning... Back on track.  We weren't very energetic this weekend; but we are now much more well rested and a lot less stressed!

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