Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spare's First Onsie(s)

So, Jared and I were out looking for a semi-masculine pink LSU shirt for the volleyball match last night.  It was the Pink Match, so almost everyone, even the players, was wearing pink!  Jared has TONS of LSU t-shirts and even polos; but most of them are gray and some purples and a few yellows.  But he has NO pink LSU shirts.  He got me one last season, because they were being sold at a volleyball match- the Pink Match.

Anyway, we went shopping at the LSU Sports Shop, which is right outside of the PMAC (where basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. games and meets are played) and Tiger Stadium.  We went in, expecting to find some pink shirts everywhere!  And there were NONE!

But Jared and I wandered throughout the whole store scouring the racks for pink.  Unfortunately all we could find were tiny pink shirts for little girls... not exactly appropriate for a 6' tall grown man.

Then, Jared happened upon the infant section of the store...  And that's when things got dangerous.  There were so many cute LSU baby things!  Since we are having a baby, we have been discussing our budget a lot lately.  So, I was trying to be the "responsible" one and say, "Okay, if we buy this, where's the money coming from..."  Jared had an answer for every item we looked at!

The first thing that caught Jared's eye was a football jersey, but it was in 0-3 months.  And since Jared was 10lbs., 2oz when he was born, I am thinking there's a good chance that our kid will not fit into 0-3 months for longer than about a minute.  So, we kept looking!

So, all in all, we walked away with two items purchased: 1) a 3 pack of LSU onsies; and 2) a super cute burp cloth.

Here they are...

Spare's first onsie, blanket

The purple and white onsie are the same- they say "LSU."  The gray one says "LSU Tigers" in old school building blocks!

And, of course, the burp cloth is just hilarious because of drooling babies!  So, anyway, we are very excited about our first purchase for Spare's wardrobe.

I am sure that the LSU side of the family will help us keep Spare in team colors as he/she is born and grows older!

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  1. You know that kid is getting some sweet OSU gear from Aunt Fancy and Uncle Poke!!! :) I love them - even if they are purple and gold - and I am thrilled that you have made your first baby item purchase! :) That is so exciting!! :) Better start filling up that little closet! Hugs!!