Thursday, November 3, 2011

Too Early to Think...

... So, I'll blog instead!  The hubs just left for a meeting in Alexandria today.  We had the chance to eat breakfast together this morning, which was nice, but now I am too awake to go back to bed and too sleepy to do anything else.

We've been bowling a couple of weeks in a row, now.  It's been a great time on Fridays for us.  The only problem for me is that my form is changing (catch the dual meaning, there?), and so it is becoming more difficult for me to roll the ball the way I am used to rolling it.  So, often when I think I am rolling correctly, I pull to the right or the left and end up very frustrated.

Speaking of frustration...

10.28.2011, frustration

So, yeah, we've had some frustrating moments in our bowling lately.

Here are our scores for the last couple of weeks!


10.21.2011, Game 1
Game 1

10.21.2011, Game 2
Game 2

10.21.2011, Game 3
Game 3

10.21.2011, Game 4
Game 4


10.28.2011, Game 1
Game 1

10.28.2011, Game 2
Game 2

10.28.2011, Game 3
Game 3

10.28.2011, Game 4
Game 4

And here's a self-portrait, a small attempt to make our day of bowling a little more joyful!

10.28.2011, self-portrait

This weekend, we are due to go to Jared's homecoming at his college. So, I am not sure if we'll have the opportunity to bowl, but if we do, we'll post scores next week!

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  1. Jared's shirt is AWESOMESAUCE. I hope our hubbys have a nice day together - I wish we could hang out while they are hanging out! Give Spare a belly pat for me :)