Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We traveled to Dallas over Labor Day weekend.  It was very fun, but insanely busy.  Our schedule looked a little something like this...

8am- Leave house
4pm- Arrive Dallas
7:30pm- Snuffer's with Carrie

9am- Ham & Eggs with the Wrights in Lewisville, followed by hanging at their house until about lunch time
12:30pm- would have been lunch with Sarah, but she and her hubs fell sick that morning
3pm- Pool time with the Valentas
7pm- Chuy's & Bowling with the Regans (Scores to come...)

10:30am- Cafe Brazil with Michelle & her sister
12:30pm- Texadelphia with the Nowlins & Nancy
3:30pm- Begin trek to Cowboys Stadium for LSU v. Oregon game
7pm- Kick off

11am- First UMC, Duncanville
12:30pm- Lunch (can't remember the name of the Mexian restaurant) with the Johnstons
2:45- Back to the house for pool time with the Jacobies, the Somos, and Afton
7pm- Pei Wei with the Somos

6am- Rise and shine
7am- Depart for Shreveport
10:15am- Jared's Fantasy Football Draft with college friends
3pm- Depart for BR

Needless to say, there were only 2 meals that we didn't have some plans with other folks.  It was completely insane and very enjoyable.  I ended up getting sick- just a head cold- on Monday morning.  I am starting to feel better, though.

I took some photos of a few things... I wish I had taken more, but my brain was fried from all the amazing food, fun, and lack of sleep!

Quite possibly the best breakfast tacos I've ever eaten...

Breakfast tacos

Jared's "short stack" of pancakes... they leave out the minor detail that it's a short stack of pancakes bigger than your head.

Short stack

Jess & Andy got "biscuit and gravy," as in one biscuit.  Again, they fail to mention that the biscuit is the size of half a loaf of bread.
Biscuit and gravy

Bowling with the Regans!

Our awesome glow-in-the-dark bowling bracelets...
Awesome bracelets

Both of the Regans!

View of the field from our seats.
Our view

View of the field from the suite we were escorted to about 30 minutes before LSU opened a can on Oregon.
Our 2nd view

Enjoying the game from an amazing suite with delicious food and fellow LSU fans!

One of the "mariachis" who sang "Margaritaville" to us at lunch on Sunday with the Johnstons.
Mariachi 2

The other "mariachi."  I really wish they had been wearing traditional mariachi attire.

It was such a fun weekend!!!

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