Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sporadic Scores

Perhaps this is a mistitled post.  Perhaps it should be "Sporadic Bowling Outings with and without My Husband Over the Past Six Weeks, Roughly."  But that seemed a little bit too long of a title.

So, over the past six weeks or so, I have been bowling three times.  The first time was with Jared at Don Carter's on a Thursday night, I think.  This was right before we moved, so the details are a bit foggy.  I know that we didn't go to Circle Bowl because they had no open lanes for leagues that night.  But Don Carter's had a few open lanes.  So we headed over there.

The second time I went bowling was on my ordination day.  I will post on this later, but what you need to know here is that I had already signed my youth group up for an event called Bowling with the Bishop when I found out that I would be ordained the same day.  Because both of these events were in New Orleans, one at 10am and one at 4:30pm, it made for a very long day with some inconsistent scores!

The third time was just last week when we were in Dallas visiting family for Christmas.  It was a Friday night, which means there were lots of people at the lanes, and we went to Main Event in Plano TX.  If you've ever been to a Main Event, you know that it's not just a bowling alley, unfortunately.  They have laser tag, a bar with billiards, a video arcade, and the dreaded experience of galactic bowling.  So, we met one of Jared's friends from church youth stuff there (which was great) and bowled with a whole bunch of other folks who were looking for some fun on a Friday night.

Sadly, I don't have pictures of all of our scores, but here are the ones I do have, along with the other scores that I couldn't/didn't take pictures of!

Early December 2011
Don Carter's

DC-Game 1

Game 1

DC-Game 2

Game 2

DC-Game 3

Game 3

DC-Game 4

Game 4

December 17, 2011
Rock 'N' Bowl, New Orleans LA

Game 1: ASW- 165

Bowling with Bishop

Game 2

This was an interesting bowling event: I had several youth play with me the first game and then they had to leave early.  But it was my better game.  I had kind of forgotten to take a photo at all.  And then the second game, the Bishop was looking for a lane to roll on, as was the coordinator of the event.  There was some discussion among them as to whether or not they would like to bowl with me, since I bowl regularly.  As you can see, I was barely even a threat.  By that point in the day, I was doing well to just roll a few straight balls!  (Also note what happens when you let the youth type in the names!)

December 30, 2011
Main Event, Plano TX

Game 1
JRW- 122
ASW- 129

Game 2
JRW- 114
ASW- 135

Overall, it has been good to bowl, but I have noticed that my scores are becoming less consistent due to my growing belly.  My center of gravity is changing and all the books tell me that my joints and ligaments are looser now than before- due to pregnancy hormones.  So, I am really not that consistent at this point.

But bowling is still fun and not really painful.  I get a little bit achy in my back the next day, but nothing to make me stop bowling!

Until the doctor tells me I can't anymore, I will keep on making trips to the lanes.  Now that Jared and I are a bit more settled in our new digs, our plan is to get back on a regular Friday afternoon bowling schedule.  Hopefully there will be more regular posts to come!

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