Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Weeks of Bowling

In the last four weeks, we have bowled three times.  We would have bowled last week, but Jared had tweaked a muscle after helping move some nursery furniture for my in-laws.  Alas, no bowling.

But the three weeks before that we had some awesome games!  Take a look below!

This was on February 17th.

New Balls

We ordered some new balls, and they had finally arrived!

Feb 17, Game 1

Game 1

Feb 17, Pin Action

Love taking the new camera bowling!

Feb 17, Game 2

Game 2

Feb 17, Game 3

Game 3

Feb 17, Game 4

Game 4

These games were played on February 24th. Obviously, we forgot the new camera.

Feb 24, Game 1

Game 1

Feb 24, Game 2

Game 2

Feb 24, Game 3

Game 3

Feb 24, Game 4

Game 4

This was from March 2nd. Again, we forgot the new camera...

Mar 2, Game 1

Game 1

Mar 2, Game 2

Game 2

Mar 2, Game 3

Game 3

Mar 2, Game 4

Game 4

Mar 2, JRW

And the reaction to Game 4's 200.

Needless to say, we were very excited when Jared bowled a 200!  He's done it one other time, more than a year ago.  He bowled a 212.

A few things to note...

The new balls have taken some getting used to.  Initially, Jared's holes were a little rough around the edges (insert funny innuendos here, and for the following paragraph).  So, we took it back to the pro shop and the guy sanded them down.  And the next week was much better.  But the March 2nd date was very rough for me.  I had had too much sodium that week, and neither of my balls were fitting right.  The finer holes on the new one were way too tight; and my old ball was barely much better.  So, we kind of decided that we'd try to keep bowling until Spare arrives, but I would most likely have to use a couple of house balls with large to x-large finger holes.  We are assuming that the swelling in my hands will go down after Spare arrives!

So, there you have it!  Three out of four weeks ain't too bad.  I'll definitely post again, IF we go bowling!


  1. that's what she said. that's what she said. aaaaan that's what she said.

    whew. i feel better. ;)

    1. I know. I really need to work on scheduling the posts out throughout the week! Perhaps you can give me a quick tutorial sometime?? Miss you!