Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Shower

About a week and a half ago, my friend Skye, my sisters-in-law Sarah and Beth, and I flew to Dallas for a baby shower in my honor!  Although the flight was rather rough, we made it there with plenty of time to spare (pun totally intended).  We got to hang out with my family for a bit before the shower began.  The hostesses were all related to me: my stepmom, my aunt, my cousin, my stepsister, 3 of my other sisters-in-law, and Skye.

It was a wonderful time with SO MANY PEOPLE!  I think that the invitation list was over 60 women, and about 2/3 came!  It was wonderful to see so many of my friends, family, and my mom's friends, too.  The women were all insanely generous, and Jared and I took about 3 or 4 days to go through all the wonderful gifts to make sure that things were washed and everything had its place.

It was an incredible party.   Did I mention that it was an LSU baby shower???  My sister-in-law, Marysia, designed the invitations with a purple and gold theme in mind.  They were awesome.  And all of the other hostesses did an amazing job with the decorations, party favors, and cake!  Some of the guests even got us LSU themed gifts!  It was so much fun!

Table 1
Purple & Gold Stroller Cookies for party favors

Table 2
The Table

The Delicious Cake from Panini in Dallas TX

Cake Server
Cake Server that belonged to my grandparents

Bowling set up
Awesome bowling game my hostesses came up with

Bowling with Wes
Getting used to bowling with a baby in my arms

Moms & Babies
Two of my sweetest friends and their babies

Me & Camille
My best friend from high school, Camille

Fruit Salad
The best damn fruit salad in the world- made by my aunt

Me & Mags
Me and my sister-in-law, Margaret, who is due about a week before me

Many, many thanks to my friend, Skye, who took all of the pictures of the shower. Y'all should check out her blog!  She posted on the shower, too!

And tons of thanks to all who hosted and all who came to the shower!  It was so wonderful to see y'all!


  1. I don't think I got any of that fruit salad. You might have to recreate it for me! :) We had such a good time and I am so honored to be a part of your family! :) xoxo

    1. Skye, I didn't get any food at the actual shower! I meant to mention that in the post. Since we were sick and then ate lunch later, I didn't eat any food at all. I just tried to drink the water that I couldn't drink on the plane! xoxo