Friday, February 10, 2012

9 weeks to go!

As of Tuesday, we have only 9 weeks left before we meet our sweet little kicker!  (Obviously, the due date is just an estimated date, but we have approximately 9 weeks to go...)  I have really enjoyed being pregnant.  It's been really weird in some ways and really amazing in others.  I have had moments where I've been terrified about giving birth and moments where I've been terrified about being a parent.  But overall, I am really excited to see how this whole having-a-baby thing is going to play out!

This last week, I have been feeling lots of movement- mostly full-body rolls and feet/elbows digging into my sides and dragging across my belly.  Some of these are not so comfortable.  Again, I think I am carrying a ginormous Williams baby, so it feels like my stomach is much fuller than it should be at this point.  (We'll see if I'm right, in approximately 9 weeks!)

I've also (finally?) reached the point of not sleeping all that great.  I have had some head and nasal congestion this week, which has caused some headaches.  At night I have been having difficulty with a stopped up nose, as well as getting comfortable.  A few nights ago, I rigged a bunch of pillows up to where I could finally sleep well!  I slept from about 10:30pm to 5:45am without having to wake up to toss and turn and/or go to the bathroom!  It was awesome.  I will continue this new pillow obstacle course until it doesn't work anymore or until Spare arrives.

Our 31 week picture is posted below.  People have been super nice and telling me that I look great, etc.  And I do believe them, sort of.  I know that I look pretty decent for a pregnant lady, but I am already looking forward to the initial weight loss that will happen just by giving birth.  After that, I am looking forward to being able to walk comfortably at a 3.5mph pace (or faster) without feeling like I have to go to the bathroom.  And beyond that, I am wondering and hoping that I'll be able to get back down to my goal weight eventually.  I don't need to do that right away and I don't want to try too hard (I've heard that this can slow your milk production), but I am hoping that I can maintain some healthy weight while nursing, and eventually lose the last of the "baby weight" at some point this year.

Week 31
Week 31

All in all, I have some anxiety about how this will all work out- everything from the birth to weaning, it seems.  But I know that with all of the love and support of family and friends, Jared and I will be able to make great decisions for us as we need to!

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  1. So I know I'm really late in commenting on this...but you're looking so great! I so wish I could have seen you in person at some point in your pregnancy...but I'm glad we'll get to see you not long after Spare arrives! keep enjoying these final weeks-believe it or not they will go fast and whether or not you feel ready to be parents-you totally are ready :)