Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the last week...

... I have been feeling things that are different from any other part of my pregnancy so far.

First, I have not been quite as hungry.  I know this seems strange, especially because when you scroll down and look at my picture, you'll notice a growth spurt from last week!  But my theory is this: the baby is getting pretty big now; and this means that I don't have quite as much room in my actual stomach for as much food as I usually do.  This also means that I get really full, really quickly.

Secondly, I have been feeling a lot of rolls in my belly.  Whereas before I was feeling a lot of kicks and punches, now I feel entire shifts of the baby, rolling back and forth between my left side and my right side. I am still feeling those wonderful (read: obnoxious) little jabs at my right hip, which usually send me jumping out of my seat and making some kind of startled noise.

Finally, I have been feeling much BIGGER!  Again, the picture below shows the growth, but it's more than just what is visible to the naked eye.  I have been finding it more and more difficult to reach things like my feet or my glove box or anything very high in our kitchen cabinets.  I have also noticed that walking up only one flight of stairs (something I do regularly, partly because I feel lazy taking an elevator only one floor and partly because the elevator in my office building is super slow).  My lungs don't have quite the capacity they did even two weeks ago!

All of this is to say that when we went for our ultrasound almost two weeks ago, and the tech measured Spare as 3.25 pounds, when the books tell me the baby should have weighed in around 2.5 pounds, I now believe that I am carrying a giant Williams baby!  I thought that for sure the tech was overestimating because several of my friends have measured larger a couple weeks before they were due than their babies actually were.  But now that I am only 30 weeks and can't hardly reach my feet, I am thinking that the tech may have been right.

Anyway, wish me luck when it comes time to deliver said giant Williams baby!  After all, Jared was over 10 pounds!

Week 30
Week 30


  1. Wow that is a giant Williams baby you are growin there!! :) You look awesome!! :)

  2. :) completely normal feelings!! Baby Spare will be the perfect size, don't worry! But don't load up on the newborn clothes quite yet either. ;) can't wait to meet Spare!!!