Friday, February 10, 2012

Ziva & Gibbs

This is part one of my fur-babies post!  Part two will be some shots of our sweet and wonderful cats!  But this post is all about Ziva and Gibbs, our boxers.  They are wonderfully loyal and incredibly playful dogs.  They have tons of energy and are super lovable.  They love to give kisses, chew on rawhides, and chase/be chased!  We named them for two of our favorite TV characters: NCIS's Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Ziva David!

Here are some photos of them in all their glory!

Ziva & Mama

Me & Ziva during the first week that we had her (October 2009).

Ziva & Zion

Ziva & Zion learning to be friends (October 2009).

Ziva & Abuelo

Ziva & Abuelo at Thanksgiving in Memphis (November 2009).

Gibbs 6 wks

Gibbs, age 6 weeks. Photo sent to us by The Boxer Barn. (May 2010)

Baby Gibbs

Gibbs during the first week we had him (June 2010).


Ziva & Gibbs sleeping (June 2010). For a long time after we brought Gibbs home, Ziva thought that he was her newest toy. So, he didn't sleep as much as the average puppy does, because Ziva wouldn't let him! We cherished these moments.

Ziva & Gibbs chew

Again, we had to give Ziva something else to do while Gibbs rested as a puppy (Summer 2010).

Gibbs & Ziva

Gibbs started growing and we're still not sure if he's done, yet! He learned to sit very quickly. He has always been much more motivated by food than Ziva is (Fall 2010).

Ziva on bench

Ziva on her bench. This is her favorite spot to lay down and nap. She can keep an eye on the driveway and front door to make sure that she knows who's coming and who's going (February 2012).

Gibbs on couch

Gibbs resting on the couch (February 2012).

Ziva and Gibbs

Ziva & Gibbs sitting (Fall 2011).

Overall, they are really awesome dogs.  They are incredibly protective of our "pack."  They, unfortunately, love to harass the cats and each other.  Their favorite place to go is the park.  We have to call it the "p" so that they don't know what we're talking about!  Other words they know: suppers, treats, biscuits, chews (rawhides), toy, ball, outside, inside, bed, ride, daycare (not as much anymore), and kisses!

We have been blessed by these sweet puppies (also called "poopsies" in our house)!  They are such great companions to us.  I am really excited about Spare's arrival and the fact that our baby will be well loved, protected, and kissed by our sweet dogs!

If any of you out there have ever brought a baby home to a dog before, please leave a comment on how you "introduced" them!  We are looking forward to it, but also want to be as prepared as possible for the first time the dogs meet the baby.


  1. Clearly I have never brought a baby home to a puppy but I have heard that you should send anything home that the baby has touched, been swaddled in or perhaps spit up so that the poopsies can be accustomed to the new smells that will come home with you! :) And maybe you need to come up with a new word for the pups because I think poopsies will quickly become something else! ;)

  2. I echo Skye - it was recommended that we send home the receiving blanket from Wesley's birth. We didn't get the chance to bring it home before we got here because jarrod stayed at the hospital with us. We did give it to Lucy once we were all home. She adjusted really well - she knew immediately Wesley was special and needed protecting. Gibbs and Ziva will know Spare is part of the family really quick. Lucy is used to Wes now but still hates when he cries. She doesn't want her boy to be sad!