Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goal Update for this Week

Well, friends, here's the update for my goals for this week!  You'll recall from earlier this week that I wanted to publicly set a few goals in order to help myself stay accountable before I leave for a couple of weeks!Check out my "New Digs" post. (SKYE: you still have to teach me how to do links!)

1. I haven't quite stopped eating like a horse and gotten back on track. I am down a smidge on the scale from earlier this week, but still up about 6 pounds in general. And I am about 9 pounds away from my ideal weight. This is a weight that is healthy for me, where I feel good and look good. It's nothing too drastic, but it sure is hard to get there!

2. I have been to the gym only once this week. I am planning to go today after work. I am realizing/remembering how difficult it is for me to work out after work. I am way more of a morning person, especially in the working out department. I am not the crazy morning person type- you know, those people who are just so happy and perky? I am NOT one of those, but I tend to get a lot more accomplished in the morning, than I do in the afternoon. I had my gym bag all packed yesterday morning to go after work yesterday afternoon. But a sudden and fierce wave of sleepiness came over me; so I went home instead. Today will be day 2 of working out, though.

3. We will be bowling tomorrow!!! We didn't go last week, because of the move, but we are going tomorrow. I actually have a much needed massage scheduled for tomorrow at 10am; so we will head to the lanes after that. I am so looking forward to both: massage and bowling. I am also sure that we'll do some other stuff while we are here in town.

4. The dining room is almost completely unpacked!!!  I have one box left; it is full of some antique salt and pepper shakers that used to belong to my grandmother, Lois.  There are a few other things in there, which is why I need to unpack the box, but because it is mostly S/P shakers, I haven't touched it. Otherwise, the "bar" is unpacked (This is really just a chest that we use to hold our wine glasses and koozies, but it's more fun to call it the "bar."); the china is put away. The napkins, place mats, and table cloths have found their place!

5. Haven't touched the A/C unit. Although I really can't be blamed for this... It has been raining off and on (mostly on) for the past few days here. While I would normally find this very annoying, we are currently experiencing a drought in SE LA, so I can't complain. We haven't had rain like this for months. So, the A/C window unit not getting in hasn't been the worst thing in the world. Although, I would really love to help Jared get that done before I leave... Perhaps the rain will hold off a little today!

That's it for now. I will post our scores tomorrow, hopefully! And then you won't here from me for a week!

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