Monday, June 13, 2011

Rolling with the Jones Trio!

Friday night we bowled at our favorite lanes, Circle Bowl, with some wonderful friends here in BR.  Our friends have been married about as long as we have (2 years today, BTW).  And they had their first baby in December.  So, all three of them came out to roll with us on Friday night!  It was great fun, even though it wasn't my best work. :)

The last couple of weeks have done a number on my diet and exercise.  Our eating has been out of control and very difficult to reign in.  Our fitness has been very sporadic and inconsistent.  Moving really does take a toll on all of the wonderful routines you set up for yourself.  Not to mention the fact that the NBA finals have really messed with my sleep schedule, but thanks to my Dallas Mavericks, I won't have to worry about that anymore!!!

To make a long post short, I am ready to move.  We are almost completely packed, just the small stuff left.  Jared calls this the period of the "stuff boxes."  This includes finding random "stuff" and putting it into a box labeled "stuff."  So, we are in the "stuff" period.  We really just have to pack our overnight bags, a few last minute things in the kitchen, and our freezer full of meat.  I am sure we'll have a few "stuff" boxes to go into that mix, but we are pretty much done!

Movers come on Thursday morning!!!  Really looking forward to getting our home transported to a new house and making that new house our new home!

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  1. i can't wait to see the new house! :) hopefully we can come and visit very soon!