Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I would love to say that this post is about something very deep and wonderful, like the passage from Matthew's sermon on the mount about being salt and light, or even talking about how I think people from the Midwest are the salt of the earth, but it's not.

It's not even remotely related to salt in a metaphorical way.  It's not complicated; it's not terribly unique.  It's not even that interesting, but it's something I love.


I much prefer salty and savory foods to sweet things.  When I get stressed out or tired or emotional, I reach for salty snacks, not sweet ones.  I love tortilla chips with a passion!  I love popcorn, particularly cooked on the stove in some oil.  I love the combination of crunchy and salty.  It can't be beat!

Today is a day where I am a little stressed.  The unpacking is going well, but I have that whole mission trip thing that is going on at work... and that's what's stressing me out.  I feel like Jessie Spano in the "Saved By the Bell" episode where she's hooked on the caffeine pills and she says, "There's never enough time!"  But I am not hooked on caffeine pills; I'm hooked on salt.  Delicious salt.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post a quick note on salt.  I think this would have been too long for Facebook...

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  1. i hear you alina! except after i eat something salty and crunchy... i always want something sweet too! :)

    oh.. and loved the jessie spano reference. I'M SO EXCITED!! lol! :)