Monday, June 20, 2011

New Digs

Well, we made it!  We have moved into our new parsonage, and Jared has had his first Sunday at the new church!  I will have some photos up soon... But between trying to unpack quickly and preparing for the youth mission trip (that I am doing) on Saturday, it's been a little busy around here.

Needless to say, we didn't go bowling last Friday.  We were unpacking instead.  We also haven't been for a run in a while; we were unpacking instead.  And we haven't been eating very well... we were unpacking instead.  The one thing that I can say for us is that we've been reading the Bible, even though we've been unpacking!  We are trying to make it through the whole thing, start to finish, in one year.  It breaks down to about 3 chapters per day.  We did get behind during the move, but we caught back up yesterday.

We've had a lot of friends to support us during this time.  We couldn't have done the move out or the move in without the help of my in-laws!  John and Marie are the best in-laws anyone could ask for--they even had our nieces last week, while Jared's brother and sister-in-law were on vacation; and they still came to help us unpack, not once, but twice!  On top of that, our wonderful friend Mrs. Jones came to help out, too!  (Yes, the same one who we went bowling with the week before!)  She brought her sweet 6 month old baby over to help me unpack!  We have the best friends!

And yesterday at the 11am service at the new church, our close friends Allison & Charlie came to church!  It was such a wonderful surprise that I almost started crying!

For accountability purposes, I am going to put a few goals up here.  I will update you on Friday, before I leave for the mission trip.

My goals are as follows:
1. Stop eating like a horse and get back on track.
2. Work out 3 times this week.
3. Go bowling with Jared before I leave for the trip.
4. Start unpacking the dining room.
5. Get the A/C window unit and curtains installed in the master bedroom.

That should be sufficient for the next 5 days!  Wish me luck!

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